from notebooks, diaries, sheets, margins of books by Pasquale Cacchio (1975-2020)

  1. Cassandra will never be believed, but today she can’t even be heard. 
  2. Faced with a danger the cat and the mantis react in the same way, blowing and arching sideways. 
  3. Not even a universal cataclysm will unaccustom him to machines. 
  4. So far we have calculated the distance that separates us from the animals, it is time to calculate their proximity. 
  5. Like a blue rose, aberration of nature. 
  6. Insect survival systems have been blown up in a matter of time; for millions of years, Silvio, no insect had ever died with its paws in the air on a bathroom tile. 
  7. We now live by hearsay. Continua a leggere “smithereens”
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